The Tiny Gallery

4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Find this intimate community-based ART space located in Northwest Park. This space promotes curating ideas and fostering creative collaborations within the community and beyond and acts as a destination for the curious and the connector to all things ART. Location: Northwest Park, Tiny Gallery (Building 2)

Meets: W, Open Seasonally, May-December, 4:30-7:30 PM

Gallery Schedule

Presented by Karell Velez Opening: 05/18/22 – Closing: 06/22/22

Tiny Things Exhibit Community Art Project Opening: 06/29/22 – Closing: 07/13/22

Alcohol Ink-Zentangle Presented by Prathima Bhargav Opening: 07/20/22 – Closing: 08/10/22

Family Affair Presented by the Quaglia Family Opening: 08/17/22 – Closing: 08/31/22

Fantastical Costumes Presented by Kil Mawson Opening: 09/07/22 – Closing: 09/28/22

Wood Turning Presented by Rick Meier Opening 10/05/22 - Closing 10/26/22

Presented by Brian C. Walters II Opening: 11/02/22 – Closing 11/23/22

Presented by Tim Tanker Opening: 12/07/22 - Closing: 12/28/22

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