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Welcome to Manchester Esther!!!

Esther feeling pretty good about her new home in Manchester.

On December 14, Pack Leaders Rescue of East Hartford brought Esther and some of her siblings from Arkansas to the PetSmart at the Plaza at Buckland Hills. She lives with us now and we couldn’t be happier.

At the Petsmart, poor Esther was alone in a cage shaking like a leaf.  She was much smaller than the other puppies and obviously fearful.  One of the rescue volunteers took her out of the cage and handed her to me suggesting I walk away from the noise and chaos of the adoption event.  I sat down with her in the back of the store and knew I would take her home with me.

She is adjusting well to the New England weather after scaring us with some health issues the first week.  Fortunately, the vets and other staff at Manchester Veterinary Clinic are excellent diagnosticians and careful practitioners so Esther is now happy and healthy and gaining weight.

We hope to check out the dog park at Mt. Nebo soon.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Manchester Esther!!!

  1. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Manchester Ester is pregnant! Don’t want to start any rumors though.

    1. Would be kind of a Christmas miracle for a 3 month old spayed puppy to be pregnant.

  2. Congratulations Chris and Ted on being new parents. We’re anxious to meet Esther and so is Daisy.

  3. Hi Chris and Happy New Year.
    Great way to start the new year with your new puppy Esther
    Good luck with her and keep us posted with her progress

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