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Signs of the Times in 2020 Manchester

COVID-19 changed our lives suddenly in March. It has become more critical than ever to read signs.

Mask Signs147a

Procedures, policies and hours of operation are continually being updated.

Some of our favorite places have closed temporarily.

Signs remind us of our beliefs and our divisions.  (Pictures of the protestors were taken on Route 44 in Coventry.)

Signs were used as an art installation at UConn.

And, of course, the ever-present reminders to wear our masks and maintain social distance.

Mask Sign Collage

Here’s to hoping for a new year with fewer signs, fewer new procedures, smaller worries, more re-openings, and a joyful return to hugging, dancing, laughing, and singing.


3 thoughts on “Signs of the Times in 2020 Manchester

  1. Excellent round-up!

  2. Great blog Chris
    So creative

    1. Thanks, Mary Jane. This article was initially published in January, and I accidentally re-posted it. For the most part, the stores on Main St. in Manchester don’t have signs today.

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