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Abdullah Al-Mubeen

Abdullah Al-Mubeen has lived in Manchester for most of his young life.  He was born in New York City and also travelled to Bangladesh and lived there for a short time.  He is the youngest of five children.  He has attended school at Washington, Verplank, Bennet and Illing.  He went to Manchester High School for a short time but currently attends Sport & Medical Sciences Academy (SMSA) which is a magnet school in Hartford.  I met Abdullah at the Silk City Cafe on Main St. for this interview.



Abdullah is a senior at SMSA and plans to enroll at  Manchester Community College next year to study engineering.  His favorite course at SMSA was a marketing course taught by Ms. Anne Nguyen.  He credits this course with helping him overcome his shyness and fear of public speaking.  Another favorite teacher has been Ms. Cindy Petrillo who was his math teacher.  He thought she was an excellent teacher and he liked the way she explained math concepts and assigned creative projects to help the students learn.

For his senior capstone project Abdullah would like to raise money for diabetes research.  His family has been impacted by the disease.  He has contacted the Diabetes Foundation and with their assistance is considering holding a walk-a-thon in Hartford.

Abdullah loves living in Manchester.  It’s quiet here and is a good place to grow up. He hangs out at the mall or the movie theater. In elementary and middle school he played at the playground at Verplank School.  He enjoys skateboarding which he learned last year. He likes to skate board around his neighborhood and near Cheney Tech.

The T-Mobile on Main St hired Abdullah in July.  He loves this job but not the servers which crash sometimes.  He likes talking to people and explaining the cell phone plans.  He likes technology and picks things up easy.


He is also interested in Japan and has always wanted to visit.


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