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Main St. Manchester – Going Out on the (Down)Town

Steve’s Bagels


We were thrilled when Steve’s opened.  The bagels are great and we no longer have to drive to the mall or Glastonbury to get a bagel on a Sunday morning.  As I was taking this picture I met Nicole McCann waiting for her order.  She told me she loves this place  “Great people, great food, great service.”

Bui Vietnamese


We ate here in October with friends Chien and Anne Nguyen.  My husband and I had never tried Vietnamese food.  Chien and Anne are experts, especially Chien who grew up in Vietnam.  Anne has been a frequent visitor to Vietnam and of course eats Vietnamese food at home when Chien cooks.  I had a Bánh Xéo, Vietnamese Pancake made from rice flour that was crispy and folded like a taco.  It was stuffed with lots of vegetables, pork and shrimp and it was delicious.  We all enjoyed our meal and the ambience of the restaurant.  I wish the owners of the building would take better care of it but that is for another post.



OK.  I know. Not a restaurant. But we went there last Thursday night for Mulberry Pizza and Athletic Brewing Company Beer.  Everyone knows Mulberry Pizza has delicious food.  I tried the Italian Job Pizza for the first time and it was tasty; sweet AND savory with lemon creme and prosciutto and carmelized onions. Everyone should try it once.  If you don’t it would be like driving to Pepe’s in  New Haven and never trying the Clam Pizza.  You’ll never know what you are missing.

Athletic Brewing Company brews craft non-alcoholic beer.  I tried the Autumn Brown Ale.  Very good!  It’s a unique and courageous concept to brew non-alcoholic craft beer.  They are located in Stratford but you can find the beer on shelves at quite a few Manchester package stores or have some with pizza at Pepe’s on Middle Turnpike and maybe soon at Mulberry St. Pizza.

Both owners were interviewed after we had a chance to sample their products and it was broadcast live on Facebook. It was helpful to hear how each entrepreneur got started and the triumphs and pitfalls of owning your own business.  Every month Work_Space hosts an event like this.

Angry Egg


After voting on Tuesday we went down to the Angry Egg for breakfast.  I like to try different foods but my husband is more restrained in his selections preferring a few favorites.  I tried a menu item called “The Jose” which was eggs (poached for me) with meat (bacon for me) and fried plantains and biscuit.  It was very good but I’m not sure if the biscuit would be considered a traditional Spanish food.

Army Navy Club Pancake Breakfast

fullsizeoutput_2049Again not a restaurant.  But, today is Veteran’s Day and we went there for breakfast with my mother, stepfather and mother-in-law.  My stepfather, Vic is a veteran of World War II.  On June 13, 1944 at the age of 19 he landed on Utah Beach during the 10 day Invasion of Normandy.  He was shot in the head but survived and still has shrapnel in his skull which occasionally sets off a metal detector at the airport.  The guest of honor at the breakfast was another WWII vet who is 104 years old.  (I will update this post with his name soon.)

Thanks for you service, vets.

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