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Election Day in Manchester

6:00 am to 8:00 pm

COVID-19 changed how voting looked in Manchester this year. The State of CT required masks at all polling places and had installed new Official Ballot Drop Boxes at the town hall earlier this year.

Before 6:00 am, there was a long line of voters waiting to vote at Keeney School. At 8:00 pm, town officials collected the final ballots from the drop boxes.


Keeney Morning110320MCC008 copy
Overflow Parking at Keeney School at 6:00 am
Keeney Morning110320MCC002 copy
Long Lines at 6:15 am
Keeney Morning110320MCC001 copy
Keeney School at 6:30 am
Ballot Box110320MCC019 copy
Ballot Drop Boxes at 2:00
Ballot Box110320MCC021
Ballot Drop Box at Town Hall
Keeney PM110320MCC010 copy
Volunteers Helping out the Candidates at 3:15 pm
Keeney PM110320MCC021 copy
Voters at 3:30 pm
Ballot Box 8PM110320MCC115
Voting almost over 7:45 pm
Ballot Box 8PM110320MCC110
MPD Safeguarding Last Ballot Pickup
Ballot Box 8PM110320MCC128 copy
8:00 pm Ballot Collection
Ballot Box 8PM110320MCC135 copy
Final Ballots Collected

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  1. Nice photos. You could have a 2nd career as a photojournalist.

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