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May Calendar



April showers have done the work.  Enjoy the May flowers,  and find something interesting and/or fun to do in Manchester.


Here is the link to the May Calendar:

My Calendar


This will be my last post about Manchester for a while.  We are going on a 6-week adventure to visit National and State Parks in other states.  I won’t be publishing a June Calendar.  If you want to follow our trip, I hope to post on this blog using the category Travel Away from Manchester. 

2 thoughts on “May Calendar

  1. Hi Chris and Ted
    Have a wonderful and safe trip; hope to follow your blog.
    By the way, I’m green with envy❤️

  2. Have an absolutely wonderful trip! Your comments about your upcoming trip remind me of two back-to-back cross-country trips my folks and I took in mid-September to mid-October of 1977 (5 weeks) & 1978 (4 weeks) after my dad retired from teaching for 29 years at Rockville High School. We saw the house where my mom and her twin sister were born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and stood on the bluffs above the Missouri River where Lewis and Clark met Sacajawea. Our two trips included doing genealogy along the way, followed parts of the Oregon Trail in Wyoming and Oregon, and the wagon trains that passed Scotts Bluff in western Nebraska. Stayed part of both of our trips with my sister and bro’-in-law on Denver’s western edge, using their home as a base to see parts of CO. Took a tram to the top of Pikes Peak on a beautiful clear day. Saw several National and State Parks. Our first trip took us to Salt Lake City, and the second to Portland, OR, following part of the Columbia River, and while in Portland, meeting a third cousin of my father, he never knew about until my mom connected with a lady who was looking for information about an gr-grandfather and gr-grand-uncle (brothers) who had connections to my dad. The query had been in a Yankee Magazine Genealogical column, circa 1975/76, and my mom recognized both of the first names because they were so unusual. She was able to get in touch with the lady thru Yankee, and add to the lady’s info. One never knows where genealogy can lead us, and the people we sometimes meet. On our second trip we got to northern California seeing the coastal Redwoods, and later to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Just writing this brings back so many memories of those two trips, and All the other trips I have taken with family and friends over many years across the U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska, parts of Canada, and two England and European trips.
    I will eagerly await your cross-country blog. It will probably bring up my other memories of trips long ago and more recently.

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