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Crossing the Mississippi

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  1. This is an area of the U.S. I’ve not traveled in before. Glad you weren’t in this area in March, Over twenty years ago, before the massive hurricane that devastated so much of the Gulf Coast region, I flew into New Orleans to visit a cousin who lived in Purvis, MS, and while I was there, she drove me along the Gulf Coast so I was able to see the beautiful Live Oaks on the southern campus of the Univ. of Southern Miss.; also visiting the home of Jefferson Davis; spent a day in New Orleans exploring the old city; spending another day in Natchez and followed part of the Natchez Trace Parkway north stopping along the way to climb to the top of Emerald Mound. She also drove us to the town of Flora, northwest of Jackson, to visit an interesting privately-owned Petrified Forest open to the public, now on maps as Mississippi Petrified Forest, still privately-owned. These logs are very different from the colorful logs that are found in Petrified Forest National Park in eastern Arizona. The Mississippi logs are very dark brown or black. There is a very interesting write-up on the history of the park on their website. I knew of the park, many years before visiting there, from a magazine article written for folks like me who had interests in stones, rock collecting or cutting & polishing many types of stone.
    Safe travels on your interesting trip.

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