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Scary Moments, Anxious Days

4 thoughts on “Scary Moments, Anxious Days

  1. Wow, glad you are safe and back on the road…sometimes it’s just an adventure….I think for your trip, the best part of the country is yet to come…enjoy! I asked Jess yesterday how your trip was going, hadn’t had any posts lately, she filled us in…..

  2. Whew, not a fun surprise, but all worked out in the end. Come to yoga when you get back. Good for stress relief. Love from Susan.

  3. Wow Chris that’s so unfortunate but luckily no one was hurt. I do love your indomitable spirit; it’s got to be the
    Connor in you😍
    Not sure I’ll forward this one to Mike as he’s yet to take his
    camper too far from home.
    Much love (with a few prayers thrown in!)

    Auntie MJ

  4. Alarming situation clearly-presented. Strong resilience shown. Onward!

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