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Cody, Buffalo & Custer

We have been home in Manchester for a month and busy catching up with all we neglected for 6 weeks. Seeing this country and visiting some national parks was an exhilarating experience. It also feels great to be home. After this, there will be one more “Travel Away from Manchester” video.

2 thoughts on “Cody, Buffalo & Custer

  1. Enjoyed your trip thru the photos and videos of the U.S. and the National Parks. It brought back memories of two back-to-back cross-country auto trips with my parents in mid-September-mid October 1977-78 after my dad retired in 1976 from teaching Vocational Agriculture at Rockville High School. There is So much to see and the history of this country! I’m glad you had a grand trip!

  2. I enjoyed your tour.
    Please keep me on your list.

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