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23 Walks: Downtown Manchester Churches

On Saturday, July 1, Susan Barlow, Town Historian, led a walk around downtown Manchester, explaining the history of some of the churches. Participants met at the town parking lot adjacent to St. James Church.

After learning about Manchester’s earliest (Podunk) and more recent (European) histories and some of the history of St. James Church, we walked past St Mary’s Church to Emmanuel Lutheran.

St Mary’s Church

Gargoyles on the Steeple at St. Mary’s Church

Church Volunteer Valerie Norris met us on the church’s steps and welcomed us inside.

Group photo on the Steps of Emmanuel Lutheran Church

100-year-old Emmanuel Lutheran Church – Dedicated in March of 1923

The first church was built on land donated by the Cheney Family on this spot in 1886 for $3300.

Volunteer Valerie Norris Addresses the Group

Emmanuel Lutheran Church Altar

A Brief Stop in the Cheney Brothers National Historic Landmark District, established in 1978

Sexton Don Wilby Greeted the Group at South United Methodist Church

Quarry Stone for the Church Donated by the Case Brothers

This post briefly overviews the many interesting facts Susan covered during the walk. If you have yet to attend a history walk, I highly recommend it. Susan presents the historical information in an engaging and friendly manner. You will learn about architecture and how Manchester has changed from demolition to preservation. You will understand how different groups and religions discriminated against each other. You will see things for the first time, something you have often walked by and have not seen.

The next walk is on Sunday, September 17, at 1:00, beginning on the front steps of the town hall and continuing into Center Memorial Park.

Here is a link to the booklet describing all of the walks this year: 23 Walks Booklet

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