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What a Treat!! A Break from COVID-19 Monotony!

Thank you Beller’s Music!!!

Not much has been happening in the Manchester area since the COVID Quarantine started in mid-March. Absent are the MCC Band Shell Concerts, Yard Goats Baseball Games, Senior Center classes, recreational opportunities, and TheaterWorks and LTM productions.

Even with a partial reopening in the state, we have felt the need to continue being cautious about social distancing and wearing a mask. We haven’t visited any indoor dining establishments or attended summer social gatherings.  When we were out for our nightly walk around the block with Esther earlier this week, we were surprised by a sign advertising a concert at Center Memorial Park.

A quick look at the Beller’s Music website revealed this flyer.

Concert flier2020

We decided to check it out. Most people arrived wearing masks and kept them on until they were seated safely. There was a big sign letting us know how far apart to sit.


The weather was perfect. A socially distanced audience, relaxing music, and plenty of shady spots to sit created a joyful, soul-nourishing and much appreciated night out. The five-piece band, Autumn Mode, played selections made famous by Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Marvin Gaye, and Steely Dan, to name a few.



We eagerly anticipate attending more Beller’s Music Thursday Night Concerts during this pandemic summer!

3 thoughts on “What a Treat!! A Break from COVID-19 Monotony!

  1. That looks like fun. Did the band pass a hat?

    1. I think its hard to social distance while passing a hat. The local music store, Beller’s, on Main St sponsors these concerts. It’s a great little music store with lessons taught in the back rooms. I took ukelele lessons there a few years ago.

  2. I’ve known of Beller’s for years tho’ I’ve never played a musical instrument. I think many years ago, in the latter 1950s or 1960s they sold records in a small store under their music studio on Purnell Place. I think I might have bought a few records but I don’t remember, as that was sixty-plus years ago. Over the years I’ve lived in Ellington, prior to the COVID-19-pandemic, on Sunday evenings, there have been various musical concerts, bluegrass, country, rock & roll, Connecticut’s Bristol Old Time Fiddlers Club, and many others. I used to attend some of them, and since their speaker units are turned up high, I can hear quite a bit as I am a short distance from Arbor Park.

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