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Signs of the Times in 2020 Manchester

In mid-March, suddenly and with little warning, COVID-19 changed everything. On March 13, 2020, I explained to my adult students in Hartford that the superintendent had canceled classes for the next two weeks because of the Corona Virus. I never saw those students again. The two-week shut-down became six weeks, then three months, and finally, the entire school year.  

In Manchester, government officials decided to close schools, libraries, playgrounds, and town buildings and cancel all recreation and senior center programs.

At first, the experts advised masks weren’t necessary. Then we learned masks were a good idea, but none were available. Now masks are mandatory.  

There was a surreal perception that no one was in charge, and no one knew the right thing to do.  

Gradually over the summer, some activities returned, and some businesses and town buildings re-opened. To keep up with the rapidly changing, uncertain times, it has become crucial to read signs.

Mask Signs147a

Procedures, policies, and hours of operation are continually being updated.

Some of our favorite places have closed temporarily.

And, of course, the ever-present reminders to wear our masks and maintain social distance.

Mask Sign Collage

Here’s to hoping for a new year with fewer signs, fewer new procedures, smaller worries, and more re-openings. Also, as much as is COVIDly possible, experience a joyous return to theater and music, hugging friends and family, dancing, laughing and singing.


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